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era. thank you for your time link back
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[inaudible] i lived in the states for five years and the last two years were in rhode island and i'm from manchester new england where we don't really have blueberries. we do now because of international shipping but not when i grew up so i was excited by the concept. i always made a lot of jams that preserves and it would be great to take on some bright blue sham so i went blueberry picking. you should know when you go fruit picking you have to suffer through because you either have to bend your back or get scratched to pieces. you have it so easy you can just
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walk along the bushes and they fall off. [laughter] i waited and i'm sure plenty of you have made it. you've got the boiling process happen and what comes out is bright pink. and it's not blue. i told everyone that it was blackberry jam. six months later when i was back in the uk i decided to direct a documentary about the 16th and
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17th centuries. they picked up the pieces in and they wrote things down. he was very systematic. there were a few things that he showed me a. is thaa. it said if you boil the first water of the morning it goes through all the colors of the rainbow. so there were things like that and one said if you take a verb
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in a flower and put it on someone's skin and it changes color then they are both bewitched. the flower has bright purple and red flowers. the pigments or a chemical that are interesting. the interesting thing.
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it changes color and if you put it on someone else that goes blue or yellow and green. there's a huge range of colors. so if i put it on my skin normally it doesn't change color so i recommend what they are testing for. it was quite interesting so we did a whole segment.
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as you know when you make. and that goes in hi is blueberr, waters the sugars and apple juice. but these images pink so i didn't have a chance of having blue blueberry jam [inaudible conversations]


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